Monday, December 29, 2014

Puzzling Evidence - The Dragon of Lao Tian Li 老天利, continued

eBay vendor antiques143 has on offer a round box decorated with dragons and signed by
Lao Tian Li 老天利 .  

Once upon a time this box had a companion - as antiques143 sadly relates, 

"I wish I could show you the other box I had from this maker. It was imperial yellow and of much better quality, but it was stolen by an antique dealer who had come to appraise several items of mine. It was similar to the one I have listed now, only a little larger and with a greater quality of workmanship. I have not seen another that matched its beauty. It had been in my collection for more than 20 years."

Going through my files, I notice I've harvested from the internet quite a few pictures of pieces with Lao Tian Li signatures.  Is anyone interested in seeing these?  Should I do a blog post about them?

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  1. Hi Chris, yes, it would be nice to see. Please post them.