Saturday, December 6, 2014

Puzzling Evidence - The Mysterious TianHe 天合 Mark on Chinese Cloisonne

Trying to match cloisonne motifs to what appears on cloisonne beads leads to some interesting detours.  This mark shows up on a cloisonne pieces that have some distinctive characteristics, all of which seem to pre-date the style of JingFa factory products.  
When were they made? 1920-30s? 1950-60s?
And where?  Beijing?  Tianjin?  Somewhere else?

UPDATE: Another three-dragon vase was discovered by an eBay vendor.  See August 17, 2015 post for more pictures.  This vase has what is likely a pre-1950 country of origin stamp.

UPDATE: Two more examples have turned up:

Ginger jar

Another figural jar from private collection of E.N.

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  1. I have two items with the same mark. Any ideas on the true origin?