Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Puzzling Evidence - An Unusual Miriam Haskell Style Necklace With Chinese Beads

Suzanne at her Etsy shop MaisonettedeMadness is offering a necklace with some fascinating Chinese beads:
The clasp and style of findings are very Miriam Haskell.

The openwork disk bead in the center can be seen in this similar collection of pendants from an online auction:
Note the openwork bead second from the left in the bottom row.
Three similar pendants were combined in another 1930s necklace with a chain similar to Suzanne's necklace.  
Openwork cloisonne beads with a similar flower pattern seem to cluster in the Art Deco Era:

UPDATE: a recent eBay sale featured one of these Haskell-attributed necklaces with a charm cap similar to the one in Maisonnette's, plus other interesting cloisonne beads, including 4-toed dragons:


  1. Have you see one of these on a cord? I just purchased one for the beads and want to remove it from the cord.

    1. What seem likely to be original necklaces are all strung on chain, at least as demonstrated by examples I've been able to find. So removing the cord - possibly a later construction - seems like an OK idea to me. You could take a picture just for provenance purposes, if needed.