Friday, August 29, 2014

Puzzling Evidence - Filigree Box Clasps on Necklaces with Cloisonne Beads by The Dot Artist

Pulling out my tray of necklaces that contain beads by The Dot Artist, here's what the clasps look like:

Filigree Box Clasp, Stamped "Silver Made in China"
This necklace appears to have been re-strung with new gold-filled wire.

The one red bead with a multi-flower design (under clasp) shows a few JingFa clouds - the only bead to do so.

Filigree Box Clasp, Stamped "Silver" 

Stamped Fishook Clasp, Marked "Silver" 
The blossom buds on beads that feature them (such as the one to the right of the clasp) are made via the old style 3-wire method, not the JingFa looped bud. 

Box Clasp, Stamped "1/20-12K. GF [trademark]"
I have a necklace with a larger size of this box clasp attributed to the M+J Savitt jewelry design atelier. The stone is red tigereye. Beads with the floral branch design also have JingFa cloud motifs.

Oval beads feature JingFa clouds.  Round beads are mostly by The Dot Artist.

The three 15mm bead necklaces together: 
Note the blue bead with the grapes and grape leaf pattern (upper left middle)
Three red necklaces together:

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